Master Class (not an elective)


Every student will have a Master Class. A master class is a 50 minute lesson with a teacher on your chosen instrument. Students are instructed by the teacher and also watch each other’s lessons as part of the learning experience. Parents are expected to take notes for practice at home.  During the lesson, all are focused on the teaching. Learning takes place both during one’s individual time and through demonstrations with other students. During the master class, absolutely no phone calls, texting or video games are allowed. If you would like to use your phone to record or take a picture, please consult the teacher first.


Group Lesson (not an elective)


A group lesson is 50 minutes of group playing, practicing and learning. For Suzuki students, Suzuki repertoire will be used and new material might be added; for non-Suzuki students, technique, ear training/theory and/or new repertoire will be involved at the discretion of our amazing teachers.



Music and Movement

Songs, Drums and Orff instruments will be used. A variety of activities address rhythm, pitch, performing together and general musicianship. Age 7 and under.

Sing Together

Moms, Dads, and students of all ages join together in this family chorus.


Stories and Music

Music tells a story. This class is for all ages, including parents. Learn how music reflects the story it is telling and enjoy the music and the story. All ages.

Theory Roundtable

Brush up on your theory, rhythm, ear training, and listening skills through this class which will focus on Grade 8 to 10 exam preparation.  Age 12 and above.

Music Mania

This class is for students aged approximately age 8 and above. A variety of activities will address rhythm, pitch, theory and music reading. Age 8 and above.


Drum Line

It is hard to believe how much can be learned in one week. No prior lessons are needed to enjoy playing in a drumline! A full range of percussion instruments are available. Students are taught proper technique, learn, memorize and perform. Ability to read music is all that is required. Students are grouped approximately by age. All ages.


Junior and Chamber Orchestra

All string students are encouraged to enroll in orchestra. These will be larger ensembles learning string orchestra repertoire. Students must be able to read music. Chamber Orchestra is for students above RCM Grade 6 or Suzuki Book 5.



You can learn to improvise. With guidance and practice, you will leave the books behind and learn to improvise on your instruments. All instruments can take this class. Ages 8 and above.


Beginning Piano, Violin, Guitar and Beginning Cello

Regardless of your level of experience in music, you can enroll in this class to learn a new instrument. Guitars and pianos will be provided; cellos, violas or violins will be available to rent for $20.00 for the week. Ages 6 and up.


Viola for Violinists

It is an asset for a violinist to know how to play the viola. This course gives you the opportunity to learn to play the viola. Violas will be available to rent for $20.00 for the week. Ages 10 and above.


Chamber Music

Chamber music is playing in a small ensemble in which every person has a different part to play. The groups could be 2 to 8 players. Confident music reading is essential. Age 8 and above.



Students will learn fiddle tunes in a group setting. All ages, violin